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About Us

Since 1981, Stoller Chemical Co. of Canada has been the recognized leader in developing and supplying specialized nutrients and fertilizers to the agricultural industry. We’ve built that reputation by providing superior products, competitive pricing and unmatched customer service.


Our customized formulas are proven to increase crop yields and quality while keeping plants strong, healthy and disease resistant.


From simple soil enhancement to complete and specific feeding programs, Stoller has the right product to correct any growing deficiency. All of our micronutrient lines are available in granulated or liquid formats to suit your preferred application process.


Along with great products, Stoller provides some of the best dealer support in the industry. Our ongoing programs include:

  • Customized Seminars
  • Innovative Technology
  • Crop Programmes
  • Customized Homogenous Blends
  • Granular Products Made From Fertilizer Grade Raw Materials


We are also a full-line distributor of Norwesco tanks and accessories; Pacer Pumps and CDS John Blue liquid metering pumps. Click on our products page for a full list of available storage and delivery systems.


When your business relies on high yielding, high quality crops, you can rely on Stoller Chemical Co. of Canada to deliver the products and systems that produce results. Please browse our site and see how we can help turn maximum crop growth into maximum profits for your agricultural business.


Granular Micronutrients

Balance your crop nutrition with our granular micronutrients


Liquid Fertilizers

Maximize your plant health with our full line of Stoller liquid Fertilizers


Tanks and Accessories

We are a full line distributor for the Norwesco Line of Above Ground and Water Tanks, Valves and Couplers.



Centrifugal Thermoplastic Pumps and Parts from Pacer Pumps